Sounds from a new world!
april 25, 2009, 9:28 pm
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While this is the first compilation to be released from the ‘мɪɴɪsᴛʀʏ oғ мʌϟнᴇᴅ ѕoᴜɴᴅ’, it has some of the best current producers including eɴvɪsɪoɴ, The Reborn Identity, g4gorilla, MadMixMustang, mash2mix, Colatron, CrowdedBabes, G3RSt, mARKYbOY and Ben Double M all spending their time mixing an amazing set of songs for you in a new world.
This is going to be the best unique compilation you won’t want to miss!

1. eɴvɪsɪoɴ = P!nk vs. Pretty Ricky – Yes Sir, I Can!
2. The Reborn Identity = Oasis vs. Beyoncé ft. Shakira – Wonderful Liar
3. g4gorilla + CjR Mix = Beyonce vs. Linkin Park – I’ve Given Up On Single Ladies
4. eɴvɪsɪoɴ = Fall Out Boy vs. SagaBoy – I Don’t Care About The Photo Album
5. MadMixMustang = Rick James vs. Queen – Tie Your Superfreak Down
6. mash2mix = Smokey Robinson vs. Nelly Furtado vs. Incubus ft. Madonna – Drive Into My Smokey Face
7. eɴvɪsɪoɴ = No Doubt vs. Solange – I Decided I Won’t Speak (Part I)
8. Colatron = Orbital vs. Belinda Carlisle vs. Opus III vs. Apollo 11 – A Happy Heavenly Day
9. CrowdedBabes = Lily Allen vs. The Chemical Brothers – Fear Guitar
10. Bobby Martini = Avril Lavigne vs. Dragonette – Get Lucky and Complicated
11. MadMixMustang = Coldplay vs. Thin Lizzy – Viva Les Boys (Part 2)
12. eɴvɪsɪoɴ = Savage Garden vs. Fort Minor ft. Holly Brook & Jonah Maranga – Where’d You Crash & Burn
13. G3RSt = Mindless Self Indulgence vs. The Cure – Never Wanted A Forest
14. mARKYbOY = Sting vs. Nach Baliye – Monsoon Season
15. eɴvɪsɪoɴ = Billy Joel vs. Metro Station – Only Kelsey Died Young
16. acafreak = Red Hot Chilli Peppers vs. Edward Chun – Give Me Love In California
17. Ben Double M = Rick Astley vs. Chris Rea – Sleeping On The Beach

Heerlijke bootleg met als hoogtepunt de Ben Double M mash!

listen here


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